Social Media Consultancy

Post on 25 April 2016

We can deliver your consultancy in a workshop setting, or as training, and the PureWeb360 team can work alongside your own social media manager, or provide you with comprehensive documentation tailored for your brand.

 Our social media consultants can help your brand:

  • Define community management and why it’s important
  • Harness your key influencers and get them more involved
  • Determine the roles of the community manager and social media manager
  • Audit your social media and community management
  • Community and blogger outreach
  • Determine engagement strategies based on community and social media platform (branded communities, Facebook, Twitter, and others)
  • Develop rules of engagement, including how to engage with users, defusing difficult situations, creating conversations, and brand protection
  • Create user guidelines
  • Create and refine your social media strategy
  • Research competitors
  • Develop social media strategy, best practices, training courses and brand building

 Using industry-leading social listening tools, our data and community management experts can monitor keywords and track sentiment to bring insight to  data generated about your brand through social media monitoring.

This kind of social media monitoring can locate influencers, engage with fans and provide valuable insight to help develop your community, support your social media strategy, evaluate social media campaigns and to highlight potential business issues.

Our social media monitoring can listen for and track the following:

  • Brand sentiment
  • Intent (such as purchase)
  • Share of conversation versus competitors
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Sector analysis
  • Engagement score
  • Reach
  • Influencers

We can interpret these insights to create visual dashboards, and applications for your brand or organisation.
Find out more about PureWeb360's social listening services.

 Our social media consultants can help your brand:

  • Understand how a social media crisis unfolds
  • Learn how to handle a social media crisis
  • Minimise damage to your brand from a social media crisis
  • Integrate social media in to existing crisis management plans
  • Monitor and manage a social media crisis as it unfolds
  • Respond to communities in crisis to minimise damage to your brand’s reputation
  • Update and develop crisis communication plans

Find out more about our social media crisis services.

 Our social media specialists can help you develop:

  • Moderation guidelines and actions for content that breaches your terms of use
  • Escalation procedures to help determine who to contact and when, for content that requires immediate escalation (such as imminent danger, illegal activity, and social media crisis)
  • Moderation training
  • Quality assurance techniques and processes
  • Moderation reporting requirements, plus tracking and monitoring information
  • Moderation tool requirements, and evaluation

 PureWeb360 is a online child safety leader. Our social media consultants can help you:

  • Evaluate your community user experience and age-gate content
  • Work on creative ways to ensure community engagement
  • Create child-friendly community content including user guidelines and moderation action messages
  • Develop moderation guidelines for handling difficult situations
  • Determine the most effective way to communicate to younger audience
  • Communicate effectively with parents and teachers